someone add me on skype I’m so bored in dt…… it’s eviemitch

Shining like stars cause we’re beautiful, beautiful You’re all I see in all these places You’re all I see in all these faces So let’s pretend we’re running out of time, O f t i m e e e e e e e e e e


Demi at her meet and greet in Montreal, Quebec - October 19, 2014. #2


     ❝ if you took away music, i wouldn’t have a reason to live.

                                                    true story. 



This is a video where muslim youtubers Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar test what will happen if they have an argument in western clothes vs having an argument in their traditional clothes. The first argument is fine. Nothing happens. But as you can see, the minute they have an argument with their traditional clothes, the police officer stops them and searches them. This shows the prejudice of police officers. It shows how racist they are.

"Why are you dressed like this."

this is why its offensive when white people wear middle eastern or southeast asian cultural garb for exotic uniqueness. It literally changes everyone’s perception of us and makes our lives more dangerous. 


this reminds me of jojo bloggers

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